When Harley was purchased from a breeder by her last owner she was incredibly sick. She had hoof rot and a disease that left her unable to move for almost a week. Her family nursed her back to health, but she has lasting side effects from her illness and they were unable to continue to care for her. 

Harley then came to Wayward Ranch to have the best shot at a full and happy life. She may be a bit different, but we think her crooked jaw makes her that much cuter and we hope to find her a forever home that will love her as much as we do!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100

Ivy is one of the lucky ones. Like most sheep, she was born destined for slaughter, but luckily was saved by a kind family who hoped she would make a good companion for their horse. When they did not get along as they had hoped, the family made sure Ivy would still be safe and brought her to Wayward Ranch!

Ivy is the most affectionate and comical little sheep that there ever was! She loves the company of goats and chases them until they finally play with her! We are hoping to find her a forever home with plenty of sheep and/or goat friends!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100

When we met Pepper, he was known as #139, and was just one of over 100 equines brought to a local livestock auction to be sold. As a pony that was not yet broken to ride, Pepper had no bids. We knew we could not let him end up bouncing from auction to auction or heading to slaughter, so we bid on him ourselves and brought him to the Ranch!

Pepper is all personality, and is working towards saddle breaking and is ready to find a forever family to take him the rest of the way!

Requested Adoption Donation: $800

Nala arrived January 2018 when we saw she was being given away on Facebook. We found out this was her second time in two weeks being posted as "free to good home" online. She is one of the lucky ones, many farm animals that are posted for free end up slaughtered for meat, and that is what many people in the comments indicated they wanted to do. 

We stepped in to make sure she would never be in danger or listed online for free like a used couch again. Now it is her turn to find a wonderful forever home, adopt her today!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100

Simba's story is all too common for potbelly pigs. Purchased from a breeder he began as an indoor pig, but when he grew too big, his family gave him away. He ended up at a greenhouse where he was kept in a tiny pen as a petting zoo attraction. When a family came to the greenhouse and saw how he was living there, they couldn't leave him behind and took him home until they could find a safe place for him. 

Simba is a new arrival here, but we can promise the next home he has will be forever and he will be loved!

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Timon came to us when the petting zoo where he lived was shutting down. We went to save adult pigs and the man who owned the petting zoo asked us if we had the ability to help a sick piglet. We of course agreed and moments later Timon was in the arms of one of our staff members.

He was so tiny for his age, malnourished, dehydrated, full of parasites, and with his eyes so badly infected they were crusted shut with pus. Even still, he was alive and a fighter. Every day is touch and go with him, but we are doing everything we can to help him survive and thrive!

Not yet available for adoption.

Baloo just arrived after being rescued from a petting zoo that was shutting down He spent his life there as amusement for visitors and a breeding board to make even more pigs to live that sad life. 

Baloo is a sweet and gentle soul who could fit into any herd of pigs in any home that would treat him with the love and respect he deserves that he has been missing all this time. 

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Pua is another new arrival at our sanctuary. This girl came to us when the petting zoo she called home was shut down. We believe she may be pregnant, as all of the pigs were together unswayed and unneutered.

Pua is a very sweet and friendly girl who loves food...a LOT...and we are excited to show her that she can be loved as an individual instead of used for human entertainment. Once we know more about whether she is pregnant or not, we can start considering applications for adopting her!

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Moana was born and raised in a petting zoo as a piglet left behind, unsold from a litter last year. Her entire life she has only seen people as something to fear, and it will take us some time and patience to show her she is safe.

Just a baby herself, she is also pregnant, so we will be observing her closely to be sure she is safe and comfortable when she is ready to deliver. Once her babies are old enough we will consider applications for her for adoption!

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Rafiki has just arrived but is already a staff favorite here at Wayward Ranch. This poor, gentle boy was abandoned after a life of neglect. Someone found him and brought him to us, and let us know that he wanted so badly to be let inside he opened her door herself to jump on her couch for a nap.


This boy clearly misses having a house and family and we are committed to finding him a family that deserves his love and devotion!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100

Brooklyn's life began normally, purchased by a loving family as a puppy. Sadly when her owner died months later, she had nowhere to go and was brought to a vet hospital. Because of her breed and fearful behavior they decided not to rehome her. For the next nine years she lived in a kennel run in the back of the hospital as a blood donor, until she came to Wayward Ranch in 2018.

With all she has been through, Brooklyn dreams of a forever family willing to take the time to get to know her on her terms. 

Requested Adoption Donation: $250

Little Ziggy has been through a lot in the last few months. He was abandoned when he made one mistake: nipping his owner for reaching towards his bone. He then came to a crowded shelter all alone and afraid. His anxiety increased as he was taken off of the medication he had been on his whole life, and we stepped in to bring him to the Ranch!

Ziggy has come so far in just a few weeks with us. He is back on regular medication for his anxiety and is thriving and ready for his true forever family to come and adopt him!

Requested Adoption Donation: $250

Little Turtle came to us from the city shelter after being brought in as part of a hoarding situation. She was pregnant and needed a safe place to deliver her babies so we brought her to the Ranch and  little over a week later she blessed us with three babies, two of which survived. 

Crush is the bigger baby and we believe he is a male. Squirt is the runt between the two but is more active 

and vocal as well! We believe she is a female.

Babies were born June 28th, 2020.

Requested Adoption Donation: $150

When we first met Ed he was almost completely hairless and covered nose to tail in terrible scabs. He was suffering from untreated mange and he was very skinny. He and his brothers Shinzi and Bonzai had been left behind when their owner moved and the new owner of the farm put them on Facebook for just $20 as if they were old furniture he no longer needed, rather than living beings.

Ed has thrived in our care since he arrived in 2017! He was once so fearful but now comes right up for treats, belly rubs, and loves visitors!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Batman came to us with his triplet brothers Robin and Joker in August of 2018. Like many farm animals they were posted on Craigslist for rehoming, but luckily their previous owner genuinely cared about where they would end up and he was more than willing to have us take them and give them a safe home for life!

Batman is quite a climber and we'll often find him on top of his picnic table or flipped water trough. If you come in his pen with cashews, watch out because he'll want to climb right in your lap like a puppy!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Tonto came to Wayward Ranch in the fall of 2018 when we saw him at a local livestock auction. He was with his sister, who immediately was bid on by a private buyer, but when it came time for people to bid on him, the room was silent. We were heartbroken to think he could end up in an abusive home, bounced around from auction to auction, or even sent to slaughter, so we bid on him and brought him home with us!

Tonto is a permanent resident here, 

helping to keep coyotes away from the farm animals and we love him dearly!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Bonzai was left behind when his owner sold the farm, and when the new owner came in he put him and his brothers Ed and Shinzi on Facebook for $20 as if their lives didn't matter. They all had a terrible case of manage from neglect and were emaciated, and we rushed to save them!

Bonzai since day one was terrified of us (who can blame him). Since his arrival in 2017 he has come a long way and now will take treats from our hands. Even if it has to be from afar we will always love him so very much!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Robin came to us with his brothers Batman and Joker from a small backyard farm where they were born and loved until they were 4 months old. Their owner then posted them for sale on Craigslist, which can be dangerous for farm animals as they may end slaughters or in abusive homes. They came to the Ranch so we could give them safe and happy lives!

Robin is the biggest of the brothers and loves to cuddle up to staff and volunteers. Sometimes he forgets what personal space is but we love him anyway!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Montana, once known as Money Game, was a big winner as a racehorse, winning over $300,000 on the track. Then she went to a breeding farm to be used once again by people for money. This time, she stood up for herself and refused to be bred, making her useless to them. Right before she was to be send to auction, she came to us instead and now calls the Ranch home!

Montana's past has made her slow to trust, but with our staff she has learned to love, and has a bright future ahead!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Shinzi is the third brother of our permanent residents, the Three Wayward Pigs. Like his brothers Ed and Bonzai, he was abandoned on a farm when his owner moved away and then was placed on Facebook for sale for just $20 by the new farm owner. He had the worst case of mange of all three brothers, but his coat grew in beautifully with proper care and time.

Shinzi learned quick that people = food and that was our way into his heart! Now he teaches all incoming pigs how to trust us to help them too!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Joker is the third brother of our permanent residents, the Gotham Goats. Like his brothers he was posted for rehoming on Craigslist but their owner was more than willing to let us give them a safe home to avoid the risk of them being mistreated or slaughtered in another home. 

Joker is the smallest of the brothers but has a big personality! His permanent smile that gave him his name comes from his underbite and makes him all the cuter! He loves to be brushed and spoiled by our youngest volunteers!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Tigue was one of the many fearful cats who find themselves on a euthanasia list each year. He was trapped as a feral cat, but was unable to be released into his old territory again. We saw his face, and knew he would rather be offered a life as a barn cat than be euthanized, and boy were we right!

On the Ranch Tigue is king! This guy spends the day sleeping in the hay loft (his very own bachelor pad) and at night comes out to surgery his vast land. He keeps our barn sanitary and free of rodents and we are grateful!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Found as a stray at 3 weeks old, Bear was adopted by a wonderful family that loved him for 5 years. If he had been any other dog, he would have grown up well socialized, but Bear isn't like other dogs. He has genetic behavioral concerns that the average family simply cannot manage alone. 

When it became too difficult to manage his behavior in the home they reached out to Wayward Ranch and we became his new family. With our management and daily training Bear is able to live a full and happy life with us!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Courtesy Listings

These animals are currently owned by families who can no longer keep them. They are not affiliated with Wayward Ranch. We are posting them to help network them for their families to be able to rehome them privately and responsibly, but no guarantee is made by Wayward Ranch about the behavior or medical status of these animals.