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Meet All Of Our Cats

Click on an animal's name or photo to learn more about them! You can also view animals by species by clicking below!

All Adoptable Cats

Jupiter came to us with her three kittens, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto, and she did an amazing job raising them, but they are soon to be off to their new homes and now it is Jupiter's turn to find her forever family!

Jupiter is an absolute sweetheart, who loves attention but isn't demanding about it and when she's had enough, she'll wander off to find the perfect sun spot to nap in!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100


Looking to add some excitement and chaos into your life? If so, Crow may be the perfect fit for you!

This mischievous little cat loves to play and get involved in everything his people are doing. He's a very confident cat who does well with other cat's who aren't intimated by his energy. He also loves to explore and to see what trouble he can get himself into!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100


Looking for a chill cat to chat with?  Look no further, Elvira's looking for you!

This cool girl has a mysterious background but is a happy confident cat who would do great with a cat companion or two or would do totally fine being the only cat in the home! As long as there are plenty of cozy napping spots, she's not picky!

Requested Adoption Donation: $100


Tigue was one of the many fearful cats who find themselves on a euthanasia list each year. He was trapped as a feral cat, but was unable to be released into his old territory again. We saw his face, and knew he would rather be offered a life as a barn cat than be euthanized, and boy were we right!

On the Ranch Tigue is king! This guy spends the day sleeping in the hay loft (his very own bachelor pad) and at night comes out to survey his vast land. He keeps our barn sanitary and free of rodents and we are grateful!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

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