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Little Bucket came to us in pretty rough shape. He seems to be struggling with underlying GI issues and we are hoping to get him in to see a specialist soon to get a plan together for his ongoing medical care. 

At this time, Bucket is not yet available for adoption. Once we know more about his medical needs we will post him as being available.

Requested Adoption Donation: $100


Momma Myth came to us from the NYC ACC after she arrived having recently given birth to five adorable kittens. She was timid and anxious in the shelter environment so we agreed to have her and the kittens come to us at Wayward Ranch.

Myth has finished raising her babies and we are hoping to find her a wonderful forever home she can join! She is quite timid and fearful so she will need a patient and understanding family.

Requested Adoption Donation: $100


Pegasus is the last kitten from her litter left looking for a forever home! She was born April 2021, and still has plenty of spunky kitten energy!

She is a bit timid when first meeting new people, but she will quickly come out of her shell for playtime. She would likely do well as a solo cat, but we'd also love for someone to want to adopt her along with her mother Myth, since they love each other so much!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Tigue was one of the many fearful cats who find themselves on a euthanasia list each year. He was trapped as a feral cat, but was unable to be released into his old territory again. We saw his face, and knew he would rather be offered a life as a barn cat than be euthanized, and boy were we right!

On the Ranch Tigue is king! This guy spends the day sleeping in the hay loft (his very own bachelor pad) and at night comes out to survey his vast land. He keeps our barn sanitary and free of rodents and we are grateful!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident


Found as a stray at 3 weeks old, Poseidon came to us with his brothers Hades and Zeus after being found abandoned in a bag on the side of the road. All three were covered in ticks, fleas, and maggots and had broken tails.

While Hades and Zeus have done well and were adopted, Poseidon has struggled with a medical condition and it has been determined he will now be a permanent sanctuary 

resident so we can help manage his condition lifelong!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident