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Apollo is a new arrival from the Manhattan Animal Care Centers. He was originally found as a stray in the city and brought to the shelter. He was terrified there, shaking and freezing when they would try to walk him. As we walked the kennels after already choosing to rescue another dog we stopped when we saw his face and knew we had to help him too. He was sitting so quietly and patiently waiting for someone to notice him. We took him into our rescue and hope we can help him to find a wonderful forever home!

Medically Apollo seems to need some help. He has pretty bad skin and an ear infection so it seems he likely has some skin allergies. He is doing well on his new diet and his skin is already looking better and we have begun treating his ear infection. He also has a mass on his back leg that we are planning to remove when he is neutered and then we hope he will be healthy enough for adoption!

Behaviorally Apollo is also a work in progress. We know nothing about his history but based on what we have seen from him so far we think it is unlikely he has ever lived indoors or experienced the love of a family before in his life. He is working on his housebreaking now and is also beginning to work on his separation anxiety. He is much less afraid now that he is out of the city shelter and now we can see he is high energy and bonds so closely to his people that he struggles when he is away from them. 

We will continue to update as we learn more about him and he becomes available for adoption! We are working now to fundraise for his castration/mass removal surgery so please consider making a donation below!

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