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Three Wayward Pigs

Shinzi, Bonzai, and Ed are our Three Wayward Pigs!

These guys were the first pigs we ever rescued and reside here as our permanent resident pigs.

We found these guys on Facebook where they were being offered as free to good home, which can be especially dangerous for potbelly pigs because they can be picked up by people who want to use them for meat. 

When they boys first came to us, they were severely underweight and were full of mange. The only hair they had left made them look like hyenas earning them their Disney names (after the hyenas in the Lion King).

They have a very important job here at the sanctuary. They help us to socialize new pigs that come to the farm and can help them gain confidence in people by watching them interact with us. This helps the other pigs become more adoptable and helps us to better match them with their ideal adoptive home!

Permanent Sanctuary Residents

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