It has been several months since Simba came to our sanctuary, and he is now a completely different pig! He has been neutered, vaccinated, had his hooves and tusks trimmed, and feels like a new man! When Simba first came to us he was a difficult pig, very common for unneutered males, and would be pushy with staff and volunteers. 


These days, Simba has made a complete turnaround since losing a pair of unhelpful body parts. Now when he sees a person walking up to him, he will flop right over to demand a belly rub. He loves to cuddle and does wonderfully with all of our staff and volunteers, even younger volunteers. Simba is currently living in our main pig herd along with several other pigs and a few goats. Having been isolated from other pigs his whole life, it took him some time to warm up to the other pigs, but now he does very well with them. He still prefers the company of goats though (they are clearly more comfortable to cuddle next to at night).


We think Simba would actually be happiest as an only pig in his new home, something we do not usually say. He could live with other pigs happily, but he seems much more comfortable when he doesn't have to compete with other pigs for human attention and the best sleeping spots. 


If you think Simba is your perfect pig, let us know! He could live as an indoor or outdoor pig very well!