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Simba came to us after being bounced from home to home through social media. Like many potbelly pigs he was rehomed because he grew too big and because of poor behavior when he was not neutered. When Simba first came to us he was an extremely difficult pig, very common for unneutered males. He has since been neutered, and while he has made a lot of progress with his behavior, he is still a dominant pig who needs structure and boundaries to behave his best. 


Once you have established a solid relationship with Simba, he loves to cuddle and does wonderfully with getting belly rubs. He is currently living in our main pig herd along with several other pigs and a few goats. Having been isolated from other pigs his whole life, it took him some time to warm up to the other pigs, but now he does very well with them. He still prefers the company of goats though (they are clearly more comfortable to cuddle next to at night).


While we used to think Simba would be happiest on his own, unusual for a pig, he has since bonded with fellow Wayward resident, Pinocchio! Now we would really prefer for the two of them to be adopted together!


If you think Simba is your perfect pig, let us know! He could live as an indoor or outdoor pig very well!

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