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Rambo, Tango, Romeo
& Sarge

Meet our four male piglet brothers Rambo, Sarge, Tango, and Romeo! These boys came to us with their momma Juliet and sisters Charlie and Delta as owner surrenders when their family’s fencing could not properly contain them. Rescuing these guys was quite an endeavor as Sarge and Tango broke free of the fencing as we attempted to get them into crates for transport. Sarge was smart enough to return on his own, but Tango took hours to catch. Eventually he was trapped under an RV on the property and our board member Tess grabbed him by a back leg and we quickly secured him in a crate before he was hit by a car. 

The boys have spent the last couple of weeks living in an indoor foster home and have adapted beautifully to indoor living! They are all litter box trained and have not had any accidents since the first few days in the foster home. They love enrichment toys and have come a long way with their socialization.

 Rambo is the most outgoing of the litter. He will walk right up to you with his constantly wagging tail demanding scratches and snacks. He isn’t much of a cuddler since he is always on the move, but prefers to play and loves his toys!

Sarge is the cuddler of the litter! His go-to move is to stand by you, just barely within reach for you to pet him and wait for a belly scratch. The moment to give in he will flop over on his side and soak up all of the belly rub love you are willing to give him!

Tango is still a bit timid with us, which makes sense with the traumatic nature of his rescue, but he now will accept pets from us while he eats! Given a few more weeks of socialization we know he will come around to be just as outgoing as his brothers Rambo and Sarge!

Romeo really enjoys playing with his enrichment toys and if you give him a challenging puzzle he won’t quit until he figures it out! He’s still a bit timid with handling but gets more social each and every day!

The boys are now neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated so apply to adopt them today! We’d love to adopt them out in pairs ideally!

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