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Ozzy is one of our recent arrivals, coming to us in February 2021 after being on our waiting list since November. He was a pet store puppy brought home by a loving family who saw more and more fear aggression develop in him as he grew up. It become more than they could manage so he entered our program. 

Ozzy is finally ready for adoption! He is a sweet boy who takes time to trust, but once you are in his world, he will love you forever! Stay tuned for more on him!

Requeted Adoption Donation: $250

This adorable pup is Clementine and she has a long journey ahead of her. She came to us off of the euthanasia list at the Brooklyn ACC when she began acting out due to kennel anxiety. When she arrived she was very shut down but day by day she came out a little more to show us her true personality. 

She is now ready to finally start looking for an adoptive home! She still has rehabilitation ahead of her, but with an experienced and dedicated family we know she will thrive!

Adoption Donation Sponsored

Brooklyn's life began normally, purchased by a loving family as a puppy. Sadly when her owner died months later, she had nowhere to go and was brought to a vet hospital. Because of her breed and fearful behavior they decided not to rehome her. For the next nine years she lived in a kennel run in the back of the hospital as a blood donor, until she came to Wayward Ranch in 2018.

After living with us for over 2 years we have made the decision to have her remain with us as a permanent sanctuary resident.

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Chewy was born at a respected breeding facility and purchased by a loving family with a big yard and plenty of kids to play with. He had the life most dogs in rescue could only dream of. Unfortunately for Chewy and his family, he has some genetic behavioral concerns that made him unsuitable for live in the average home. 

When Chewy first came to us, our hope was that he would be adoptable to a family without young children, but from what we have seen, we feel the most responsible decision would be for him to remain a permanent 

resident here.

Permanent Sanctuary Resident