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Meet All Of Our Equines

Click on an animal's name or photo to learn more about them! You can also view animals by species by clicking below!

All Adoptable Equines

Meet Jasmine, also known as Jazz! After a career on the track as a harness-racing standardbred, she found herself as a personal horse for a little girl. When her family could no longer care for her she came to us!

Jazz is a senior lady at 25 years young and best as a retired companion horse at this time. She is spunky for her age and would love a family to dote on her through her golden years!

Requested Adoption Donation: $500


Sweet Serenity is a stunning girl with her whole life ahead of her! At just 3 years old her racing career came to a halt due to a bowed tendon, but lucky for her, she had a trainer who wanted to be sure she ended up somewhere safe. When we were asked to take her in, we were excited to help!

Serenity is all healed up and is now broke to ride walk/trot/canter. She is ready to find a forever home to help her continue to learn and improve as she grows up!

Requested Adoption Donation: $2,000


Orion may look familiar because this sweet boy is on his second stay with Wayward Ranch. After we saved him in 2018 from going to slaughter he was adopted, but sadly his family could not keep him and he has been returned to our care. 

Orion is a beautiful red roan who may be blind, but he has so much love to give and manages to get around extremely well, so much so that you'd never guess he couldn't see! He is broke to ride, but would also be happy as a companion horse!

Requested Adoption Donation: $500


Molly is a recent arrival to Wayward Ranch! She came to us as an owner surrender when her family was no longer able to keep her. She is an off the track standardbred and is looking for a family to introduce her to the next stage of her life!

Molly is broke to ride but is still working on her canter transitions. She loves to go for trail rides and is always blazing her own trail enjoying adventuring on the farm. 

Requested Adoption Donation: $2000


Waylon is a new arrival to Wayward Ranch and was rescued from a livestock auction. He came to us extremely underweight, likely starved for a very long time. We don't know much about his past but we know what we hope for his future! 

We hope that Waylon will make a full recovery and soon will be available for adoption! 


Little Seymour came to us from a livestock auction with hooves extremely overgrown due to neglect. He was weak and in constant pain. After extensive hoof care and time to recover in his foster home with our veterinarian he is on the road to recovery! 


At this time Seymour is not yet available for adoption.


Tonto came to Wayward Ranch in the fall of 2018 when we saw him at a local livestock auction. He was with his sister, who immediately was bid on by a private buyer, but when it came time for people to bid on him, the room was silent. We were heartbroken to think he could end up in an abusive home, bounced around from auction to auction, or even sent to slaughter, so we bid on him and brought him home with us!

Tonto is a permanent resident here, 

helping to keep coyotes away from the farm animals and we love him dearly!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident


Montana, once known as Money Game, was a big winner as a racehorse, winning over $300,000 on the track. Then she went to a breeding farm to be used once again by people for money. This time, she stood up for herself and refused to be bred, making her useless to them. Right before she was to be send to auction, she came to us instead and now calls the Ranch home!

Montana's past has made her slow to trust, but with our staff she has learned to love, and has a bright future ahead!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

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