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LeFou & Gaston

Can’t decide if you want to adopt a goat or a cow? Gaston and LeFou have you covered!

LeFou is the smaller gray goat and Gaston is the bigger red goat who thinks he’s a cow.

These two goats came to us as an owner surrender in pretty rough shape. They were both underweight and had lice and worms, but they are doing much better now! They are both still pretty timid around people, but they are slowly warming up to our staff and Gaston is now accepting pets without needing to be paid with treats! LeFou still needs some bribery before you are allowed to pet him, but we have no doubt that they will warm up with a patient and understanding family!

These two do well with both bigger and smaller goats and would be a great addition to any herd!

Click below to fill out an application for them!

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