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Pocket Pets


Beautiful Sven is a 1 year old purebred Nubian who is looking for a new forever home! He was purchased with the intent to breed, but the family changed their mind and decided to give him the opportunity to find a home as a loved family pet. 

Sven has a lot of energy and loves to play so he would do best in a home with other playful goats!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Elsa and her sister Anna are new arrivals at Wayward Ranch! These girls were very loved in their previous home and were only surrendered because their family knew it was their best chance at having wonderful lives. 

Elsa is the older sister, about 6 years old and has chronic lameness issues that will require a new family to be on top of her hoof care. She is very sweet with the personality of a puppy dog!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Anna and her sister Elsa are new arrivals at Wayward Ranch! These girls were very loved in their previous home and were only surrendered because their family knew it was their best chance at having wonderful lives. 

Anna is the younger sister, at just about 2 years old. She is a bit more timid than Elsa, but still is very sweet and enjoys getting love from our staff! We are looking to rehome the girls together as a bonded pair.

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Alice came to us originally when she was just a baby from a local dairy farm. She was very fearful, but was able to be adopted. Unfortunately she has been returned through no fault of her own and is once again looking for a forever home.

Alice was well loved in her adoptive home and has come so far in being able to trust people! She now is social, loves to play and climb, and is bonded to Liesl and Gretl. The three girls are looking for a forever home where they can stay together!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Liesl is a beautiful, dignified older girl who is looking for a home to spend her goldne years spoiled properly! Liesl originally came to us from a local dairy farm for a chance at a happier life. She was adopted and sadly has just returned through no fault of her own. 

Liesl is in her teenage years and has slowed down a bit, but still has her moments of zest where she keeps the young ones on their toes! Liesl is bonded to Gretl and Alice and they are looking for a home together!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Gretl is such a sweet, gentle soul who loves to be loved. Like a dog she will follow you around the field waiting for you to notice her and give her a hug. She came to us for a retirement from life as a dairy goat and after being returned from adoption through no fault of her own she is once again seeking a forever home!

Gretl is an older goat in her teenage years, but she still has plenty of energy! She loves to play with the other goats and is looking for a home with her buddies Liesl and Alice!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


How cute is little Payne! This adorable Boer baby is just about 6 months old and was found walking on the side of the road. Luckily she was taken in by good Samaritans who helped her recover and get healthy before she came to Wayward Ranch.

Payne is so sweet and loves to be with people. She will follow you loyally around the field, just waiting for a head scratch. She is looking for her forever home and would do best in a home with other goats. 

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Phil came to us with his buddies Paniq and Hades as an owner surrender when his family had to move. He is a 1 year old dwarf goat who can be a bit shy at first, but once you gain his trust he loves to be pet!

Phil is looking for a forever home that either has other goats or is willing to adopt another friend to live with him as company!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Paniq is a 2 year old dwarf goat who came to us as an owner surrender when his family was moving. He is a beautiful color with a long beard and stunning blue eyes that makes him oh so cute!

Paniq can be timid with new people, but with kindness and patience he learns to trust. He does great with the other goats he arrived with and we are looking to adopt him out to a home with other goats as company.

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Litte Hades is just about the cutest thing we've ever seen. This little guy is a 1 year old pygmy goat so he will stay small. Don't let his size fool you though, he has a big personality! This guy loves attention, especially scratches between his horns.

Hades is looking for a forever home with other goats to keep him company and could be adopted with his friends Phil and Hades.

Requested Adoption Donation: $150


Batman came to us with his triplet brothers, Robin and Joker, in August of 2018. Like many farm animals they were posted on Craigslist for rehoming, but luckily their previous owner genuinely cared about where they would end up and he was more than willing to have us take them and give them a safe home for life!

Batman is quite a climber and we'll often find him on top of his picnic table or flipped water trough. If you come in his pen with cashews, watch out because he'll want to climb right in your lap like a puppy!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident


Robin came to us with his brothers, Batman and Joker, from a small backyard farm where they were born and loved until they were 4 months old. Their owner then posted them for sale on Craigslist, which can be dangerous for farm animals as they may end slaughters or in abusive homes. They came to the Ranch so we could give them safe and happy lives!

Robin is the biggest of the brothers and loves to cuddle up to staff and volunteers. Sometimes he forgets what personal space is but we love him anyway!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident