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Pocket Pets

Liesl is a majestic senior girl who is ready for retirement! She came to us from a small local dairy that took care of her very well. For 13 years they loved her and did the best they could to give her a good life. However, at her age they knew she deserved better. 

Liesl came to us and instantly made herself at home. She loves to be loved and enjoys exploring her big field here at the Ranch. We think she would love to find a forever home, but understand that at her age we may be her final family. 

Requested Adoption Donation: TBD

Gretl, not to be outdone by her friend Liesl, is also a stunning beauty. What she lacks in her beard in comparison to Liesl, she makes up for with her adorable neck wattles.


After thirteen years in a dairy farm, it is her turn to enjoy retirement! Gretl was so loved by everyone at the dairy because her personality stood out, and we already are falling for her sassy antics! We would love to find her a forever home, but if she is with us for the remainder of her life, it will be one full of love! 

Requested Adoption Donation: TBD

This adorable little girl is Alice! A May 2020 baby she still has so much to learn and would love a forever home to show her the ropes. Alice is a Saanan goat that came to us from a local dairy. They took beautiful care of their goats, but wanted a better life for Alice and we were thrilled to accept her into our program. 


Alice was not bottle raised so she is a bit timid with people. However, with time and patience she will accept chin scratches to become putty in your hands. She is agile, loves to jump, and gets along well with our other goats. She does get a bit bullied because she is so young, so we'd love to see her adopted into a small herd with goats that won't pick on her. 

Requested Adoption Donation: TBD

Batman came to us with his triplet brothers, Robin and Joker, in August of 2018. Like many farm animals they were posted on Craigslist for rehoming, but luckily their previous owner genuinely cared about where they would end up and he was more than willing to have us take them and give them a safe home for life!

Batman is quite a climber and we'll often find him on top of his picnic table or flipped water trough. If you come in his pen with cashews, watch out because he'll want to climb right in your lap like a puppy!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Robin came to us with his brothers, Batman and Joker, from a small backyard farm where they were born and loved until they were 4 months old. Their owner then posted them for sale on Craigslist, which can be dangerous for farm animals as they may end slaughters or in abusive homes. They came to the Ranch so we could give them safe and happy lives!

Robin is the biggest of the brothers and loves to cuddle up to staff and volunteers. Sometimes he forgets what personal space is but we love him anyway!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Joker is the third brother of our permanent residents, the Gotham Goats. Like his brothers he was posted for rehoming on Craigslist but their owner was more than willing to let us give them a safe home to avoid the risk of them being mistreated or slaughtered in another home. 

Joker is the smallest of the brothers but has a big personality! His permanent smile that gave him his name comes from his underbite and makes him all the cuter! He loves to be brushed and spoiled by our youngest volunteers!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident