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"Hi! My name is Snail. I am very friendly, curious, and social, and so I really need another ferret or two to get up to my rigorously scheduled trouble. I have a lot of energy for chase and dangle games, war dancing, and petty theft/redecorating. Oh, and I love to dig -- for play and bedding both, I really enjoy caves and sacks, or to dig down into loose blankets. I will lose my whole mind in a rice box.

I really love to be handled and to have my little ears petted. I will absolutely try to climb up onto your shoulder to lick you right on the nose any chance I get, and like to snooze in a lap after a day of adventures. I have so much energy and love to give."

Snail originally came to us after she had been found wandering the streets in Brooklyn, NYC and it was obvious she had been loved and must have gotten away from someone because she was exceptionally friendly right away. She was only with us a few weeks before she was adopted by a loving family who already had ferrets. Snail quickly became friends with them and was having a ball! She was with her family for about 3 years before her ferret siblings both passed and Snail became very lonely, so she's now on the lookout for new friends with a new family!

If you are interested in adopting Snail, the first step would be to fill out an adoption application for her or let us know if you have any questions!

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