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Molly is an off the track Standardbred who was born in 2015. She raced on the track for a few years before her family decided to stop racing her and to turn her into a riding horse instead. She was started under saddle for a summer before getting the winter off and then coming to us. Since she's been with us, we've been working to expand her knowledge and to get her more comfortable in the ring, and she's been getting better and better! She absolutely adores going out on trail rides and doesn't care if she's alone or has company.

Like most mares, she can be pretty opinionated but her grumping is mostly just for show. Once she gets to know you she's a big goofball!

She's pretty solid undersaddle at the walk and trot, but is still learning how to canter with a human on her back. We are looking for a family for her that has a little bit of experience and is looking to keep working with her. She would probably be happiest being a trail horse, but is learning how to pick up her feet over poles and seems to really enjoy it!

If you are looking for a sassy little mare who loves to explore, look no further!

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