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Mrs. Potts and Chip

Mrs. Potts and Chip are two of the gentlest pigs we have ever met! They are absolute sweethearts and deserve a home as loving as they are!

We first learned about these two when a good samaritan had reached out asking if we’d be able to take them. They told us that the girls had been used by a backyard breeder who had recently decided he was done with them and had been planning on just dropping them at an auction to get whatever he could for them. The good samaritan had been able to convince him to turn them over to her so she could find a good home for them and she had reached out to us and we knew immediately we had to help.

Mrs Potts is about 5 years old and had who knows how many litters of piglets, just to watch all of her piglets except Chip be taken away from her and sold to whoever was willing to pay for them. Chip is about 2 years old and had already had 2 litters before she came to us.

When Mrs. Potts first arrived at Wayward, it was pretty obvious she had never really had any good interactions with humans. She was super shut down and was really timid around us. She was also overweight and almost had mechanical blindness, which is when a pig is so overweight that rolls of fat actually close over the eye making it so they can’t see. Since she’s been with us, she’s been on a diet and has really come out of her shell! She’s now able to happily move around and is showing us just how much of a sweetheart she really is!

Chip is just as sweet as her mother, but is even more outgoing! She started off a lot more terrified of people than her mother, but is now one of the first pigs to greet our visitors and always checks with our staff to see if we have any snacks for her by gently booping her nose into the back of our knees.

We think these two would make an amazing pair for any first time pig owners, or would be an easy addition to an already existing herd!

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