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Foster homes are a very important resource for small rescues, such as Wayward Ranch. our foster homes provide love and comfort to homeless animals waiting for their forever families to come along. 

People begin fostering for many reasons. It is a great way to "try out" what it is like to own a pet to see if your family is ready for a permanent furry family member. It is also a great way to have the chance to have a pet in your home now, even though you may not be able to commit to one for years to come.

Every animal that enters a foster home will open up space for an animal to be saved and brought to our rescue. We thank you in advance for considering to help us in our mission to provide a quality life to the animals that need it the most. Below you will find a list of the animals who currently are in need of foster homes. 

Animals In Need of Foster Homes:


It is kitten season, and we are desperately in need of kitten foster homes!

These may be kittens that are still nursing from their mom, orphaned kittens, or solo kittens that need minor medical care.

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.43.04 PM.PNG

Argos is a sweet old man who is looking for a foster home to help keep him comfortable while he waits for a forever home to come along! He is dog and kid friendly, housebroken, and well mannered on leash and in the home. He is deaf and slightly sight impaired but gets around beautifully and still has enough energy to get the zooms!

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