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Sanctuary Program

Providing lifelong care to animals who are unfit for adoption due to extensive medical or behavioral special needs.

At Wayward ranch our primary goal is to help our animals find new homes whenever possible so we can open space to save other animals in need. However, sometimes animals come into our rescue that cannot be behaviorally rehabilitated or medically managed to a degree where it is suitable to adopt them out to the public. These animals then remain with us for the rest of their lives and we become their forever family. 

This program helps animals of a variety of species who are thoroughly evaluated and determined to no longer be candidates for adoption. In the traditional shelter model, a dog like Chewy for example, a labradoodle with an extensive bite history, would be at risk for euthanasia. His history makes him a liability to adopt out and he could be at risk of biting again in a home environment that does not carefully manage his behavior. However, at Wayward Ranch, ending his life was never considered an option due to his behavior. Rather, when it was determined he was not a candidate for adoption, his new life could begin

Our permanent residents either live in our barn or in forever foster homes where they are members of our family. They are treated with love and respect as we safely manage their needs on a daily basis. They are enriched, trained, and have their medical needs cared for. We work hard every day to accomplish our goal and are proud to give these animals a beautiful quality of life.

Your donations to this program allow us to provide veterinary care and behavioral training and management to the animals who will remain in our care for the rest of their lives.

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