Sanctuary Dog Program

Learn more about our Sanctuary Dog Program, and if you want to donate specifically towards helping us support this program, make sure you mention that in the comment section of Paypal's donation page.

What is the problem?

Many dogs in shelters across the country are euthanized due to behavior. Their behavior may range in difficulty, but most dogs are still able to live a happy and fulfilled life if they are in experienced hands. 

What is our solution?

Wayward Ranch seeks to provide a permanent home to dogs who are not fit for adoption for one reason or another. These dogs may have issues with resource guarding, fear, or anxious behaviors that make them difficult pets to own in a traditional home setting. We love them as our own and provide each with a training and management program to keep them and those who interact with them completely safe throughout their lives. 

What animals are helped by this program?

The following types of animals are helped by this program: 

  • Dogs with behavioral special needs that make them unsuitable for adoption.

How do donations help us to continue this program?

Donations also help us to provide daily care in the form of food, enrichment, and basic veterinary care to the animals that we rescue and provide a sanctuary setting for life.

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