Brooklyn is looking for a true fairytale ending! She was a very loved puppy until her owner passed away when she was about 6-7 months old. His vet kindly took her in and hoped to find her a home quickly. Unfortunately being in the kennel environment was stressful for her and she became nervous around strangers. The vet hospital decided it may be too risky to adopt her out considering her breed and that she had snapped at someone who had come to meet her. 


For nine years she lived in the vet hospital because there was nowhere else for her to go. The staff there loved her, but it was not a home. When she turned 10 they asked us if we would consider accepting her into our sanctuary program to live the rest of her life here with us. We agreed, and expected her to be aggressive or anxious. The dog we met, however, was none of the above. 


It seems Brooklyn spent almost a decade of her life in a kennel run because she was misunderstood. She is not an aggressive dog, she is a nervous dog. Anyone who meets her and lets her approach them will have a loyal and honest friend for life. She never forgets her people, and she loves them fiercely. Brooklyn also loves other dogs and is happy to coexist or even run around with the youngsters. You'd be surprised at how fast this old lady can run when she gets going! 


What Brooklyn needs is a loving and understanding home who will get to know her slowly and not push her to get to know strangers too quickly once she is home. She also needs a patient home, as she has spent almost all of her life in a kennel run, never being properly housebroken. She has made some progress with this, but it will definitely be a process to completely housebreak her in a home environment. 


We know this is a lot to ask of an adopter especially considering how difficult it can be to find adopters for senior bully breeds, but she is worth it. If she stays with us for life, that is absolutely fine, but we want to give her the shot to have a loving, and forever home with a family for the first time in her life.

Requested Adoption Donation: $250

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