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The Gotham Goats

Batman, Robin, and Joker came to us in 2018 when they were only 5 months old from someone who was selling them on Craigslist. However, when we reached out to him, he was thrilled to know that there was another option for them and surrendered them to us immediately. We're extremely grateful for his continued support and donations to help cover their care. 

They play a very important role here at the Ranch. They help us socialize all of our incoming goats and other farm animals. Since these three are so social, they help the new goats gain confidence in people by watching then interact with us. This helps the other goats become more adoptable and helps us better match them with their ideal adoptive home!

Batman and Robin continue to enjoy their lives on the ranch, but sadly we lost Joker in 2021, far too soon. We continue our Friends Not Food program in his honor.

Permanent Sanctuary Residents

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