Simba's story is all too common for potbelly pigs. Purchased from a breeder he began as an indoor pig, but when he grew too big, his family gave him away. He ended up at a greenhouse where he was kept in a tiny pen as a petting zoo attraction. When a family came to the greenhouse and saw how he was living there, they couldn't leave him behind and took him home until they could find a safe place for him. 

We've promised to find him a forever home, could that be with you?

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Baloo just arrived after being rescued from a petting zoo that was shutting down. He spent his life there as amusement for visitors and a breeding board to make even more pigs to live that sad life. 

Baloo is a sweet and gentle soul who could fit into any herd of pigs in any home that would treat him with the love and respect he deserves that he has been missing all this time. 

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

Abu was born on the Ranch in 2020 as one of Moana's Munchkins!

A bit timid when first meeting people, Abu has come a long way!

She broke one of the toes in her hind foot and is scheduled to have it amputated. She'll remain as  a permanent resident as she recovers and is fitted for a prosthetic. Once she's fully recovered, we'll hopefully be able to find her a forever home, but in the meantime, she'll gets lots of love and attention from our staff and visitors!

Requested Adoption Donation: $250

Pua came to us this past summer from a petting zoo that was shutting down. She was one of the most social pigs there and so she was the first we were able to catch and load into our van. When she came to us, we thought there was a good chance she was pregnant, but we got luck and it turns out she was just a bit overweight!

Pua Pua is a staff favorite for good reason. This girl loves to be loved. She lives in our barn right now with the other pigs and our goats and gets along well with everyone. We'd love to see her find a home of her own!

Requested Adoption Donation: $200

When we first met Ed he was almost completely hairless and covered nose to tail in terrible scabs. He was suffering from untreated mange and he was very skinny. He and his brothers Shinzi and Bonzai had been left behind when their owner moved and the new owner of the farm put them on Facebook for just $20 as if they were old furniture he no longer needed, rather than living beings.

Ed has thrived in our care since he arrived in 2017! He was once so fearful but now comes right up for treats, belly rubs, and loves visitors!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Bonzai was left behind when his owner sold the farm, and when the new owner came in he put him and his brothers Ed and Shinzi on Facebook for $20 as if their lives didn't matter. They all had a terrible case of manage from neglect and were emaciated, and we rushed to save them!

Bonzai since day one was terrified of us (who can blame him). Since his arrival in 2017 he has come a long way and now will take treats from our hands. Even if it has to be from afar we will always love him so very much!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

Shinzi is the third brother of our permanent residents, the Three Wayward Pigs. Like his brothers Ed and Bonzai, he was abandoned on a farm when his owner moved away and then was placed on Facebook for sale for just $20 by the new farm owner. He had the worst case of mange of all three brothers, but his coat grew in beautifully with proper care and time.

Shinzi learned quick that people = food and that was our way into his heart! Now he teaches all incoming pigs how to trust us to help them too!

Permanent Sanctuary Resident

We are grateful to have had several wonderful photographers donate their time and skill to photograph our animals and their lives here. While many photos on our site were taken by WRAS Staff Members, others were taken by:

Tischman Pets Photography, @tischmanpets,

Mike Barr, @mikebarrphotography,

Thunder Ridge Images,