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Cogsworth & Lumiere

Are you looking for a pair of adorable but tiny goats? Look no further!

Cogsworth and Lumiere came to us as owner surrenders when their family couldn’t keep them any more and they started out as super timid little goats but Cogsworth has decided that he’s over being scared and has turned into a confident, talkative companion who loves pets! Lumiere is still unsure about humans, but we are confident that with time and patience (and some treats!) he will be just as outgoing as his best friend!

They came to us in pretty rough shape, both underweight with lice and worms and overgrown hooves (oh my!) but they have been treated and are doing much better! Their feet are something that can only be corrected slowly over time, but they are able to walk, run and play with no issues, they just need to be trimmed more regularly than a regular goat.

These two are both under 65lbs, but are used to being around bigger goats and certainly aren’t scared of them! They are able to hold their own just fine and do great in our herd of bigger goats.

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