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Yzma, Kronk & Kuzco

These three little goats are ready to pack their bags and move to your farm! Kuzco is 11 years old and was kept on a chain until he broke free years ago and found a family to love him. Later the family welcomed Yzma (who is now 7) and her then new born son Kronk (who is now 5 years old). The three were extremely loved in their new home, but sadly life happens and circumstances change and their family was no longer able to keep them. 

Kuzco and Kronk are still a bit timid getting to know their new surroundings and caretakers, but have already come further out of their shells! Momma Yzma took just a few days before she dropped her guard completely and this sweet girl absolutely loves cuddles!

We will keep learning more about this bonded trio but they are already fully vetted and ready for adoption so apply to adopt them below!

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