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We love to share the passion we have for animals with visitors of all ages. Stop by for a guided tour of our farm facility in Kerhonkson, NY where you can learn about the work we do and meet some of our resident animals. Spend the day pampering our pigs, chatting with the cats, hugging our horses, or gabbing with our goats and we hope they leave a lasting impression on you. 

Each of our animals has a story to tell. Some have behavioral special needs, some have medical and some have both, making them the perfect underdogs. We can all learn something from their strength, resilience, and forgiveness as they trust us even after they had all been failed by humans before coming to us. 

We do request that private tours are kept to a maximum of 8 people at this time so we can be sure to abide by social distancing protocols. Face masks are required for those not vaccinated and we do ask a donation to help us continue our important work.

Short 15 Min Tour Requested Donation: $10 Per Person

Long 60 Min Tour with Hands On Animal Experiences Requested Donation: $35 per person

AirBnb Experiences


Pig Experience

(60 Min)


Dog Experience
(60 Min)


Goat Experience

(60 Min)

Sanctuary Tour Experience

(60 Min)

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