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Tonto is our youngest permanent resident!

This little Hackeny Pony Mule came to us when he was just a year old from a livestock auction. He went to the action with his sister and while she had a ton of bids but little Tonto didn't have a single bid and we knew that if we didn't bid on him, it was likely he would go to the meat-buyer. Luckily, we were able to bid on him and bring him to his new home. 

He's full of personality and serves a very important purpose here at the ranch! His job is to protect our smaller farm animals, especially the goats, from coyotes and other predators. Once we get our goat yard finished, he'll live with them as their protector. 

As he grows up, we'll be teaching him to ride and drive, but for now he still has some growing up to do!

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