Bully Breed Early Intervention Program

Learn more about our Bully Breed Early Intervention Program, and if you want to donate specifically towards helping us support this program, make sure you mention that in the comment section of Paypal's donation page.

What is the problem?

It is no secret there is a huge problem of pet overpopulation in shelters and rescues across the country. Many of these dogs are "bully breeds." This term encompasses American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers as well as their mixes or dogs just just appear to have the "pit bull look." These often are wonderful dogs, however if you look at the bully breed dogs in your local shelter, chances are they have very strict adoption restrictions for at least a few of them. Maybe they have to be adopted to adult only homes or live as the only pet. Why is this? It could be the dog shows poor behavior due to the stress of the shelter life. It could also be that the dog comes from poor breeding and has a genetic predisposition towards aggression towards strangers or other animals. The dog may have been abused prior to arriving at the shelter and developed behavioral concerns as a result. 

All of those are possibilities for bully breeds with problem behaviors, however the most likely cause is lack of proper training and socialization when the dog was a puppy. Puppies go through several stages of behavioral development as they grow up and require proper socialization and training to come through those stages to be their best selves. Often bully breeds are so overbred by backyard breeders, that the majority of bully breed puppies so not receive the proper socialization, many are sold when they are way too young, and they are sold to families who are uneducated about what socialization is required to properly raise a puppy. These puppies are recklessly sold through online sites and apps. Each one unspayed/unneutered, and at risk of being put into a dangerous abuse situation or abusive breeding situation when they are older. 

Some of the bully breed puppies that come to us between 6-12 weeks old are already showing signs of human or dog aggression. These dogs may have genetic predispositions to aggression due to poor breeding, but many times they have been taken from their siblings at too young of an age and are in need of learning how to properly communicate with other dogs and humans. 

What is our solution?

Our Early Intervention program seeks to rescue and properly train and socialize bully breed puppies being sold online in risky situations. We take these puppies in anywhere from 3 weeks-1 year old and immediately put them into a foster home where they can receive the important training and socialization to become social with people and other animals. We utilize the research that has been done on the proper developmental stages of behavioral development of puppies to give a puppy what they need most at their current life stage. This socialization is crucial to the growth of a well-balanced bully breed dog that will function as a breed ambassador as they grow up. The puppy stages are as follows:

  • 0-7 Weeks: These weeks are absolutely critical towards a puppy understanding canine communication, body language, play and social interactions. They learn this from their mother and siblings as they grow. 

  • 7-8 Weeks: The time when puppies are most receptive towards bonding with their new human family. 

  • 8-10 Weeks: This is called the initial "fear period" and it is very important for puppies to be presented with as many novel objects as possible in this time as well as making sure they get out into the world to meet other animals and people and experience new situations. It is very important that during the time that puppies avoid fearful situations, as these may stick with them and change their behavior for life. 

  • 8-16 Weeks: An idea time to begin training utilizing positive reinforcement.

  • 4-6 Months: Increased confidence and training should continue and begin to direct the puppy toward understanding the rules and boundaries of the home.

What animals are helped by this program?

The following types of animals are most helped by this program: 

  • Underage Bully Breed Puppies Being Sold Online (0-6 weeks old). When we see this, it is considered an emergency rescue, as these puppies require very specific feeding and socialization as well as veterinary care. 

  • Special Needs Bully Breed Puppies Being Sold Online. We often see deaf, sick, neglected, or otherwise medically needy puppies posted online for sale. These puppies are also considered emergency rescues because they will need very specific medical care prior to beginning their training and socialization. 

  • Bully Breed Puppies Up To One Year Old Being Sold Online.

How do donations help us to continue this program?

Your donations to this program will go towards purchasing puppies that are being sold in high-risk situations online. The prices for these puppies can range from $10-$500 and we only pay this fee if the puppies are considered an emergency rescue, such as an underage puppy or one with special medical needs. We always first try to save the puppy as a rescue, but many of these sellers do not care about the puppy they're are selling, and instead only care about their financial gain. It is a sad part of our rescue to have to pay to get these puppies out of harms way, but unfortunately we often do not have a choice. We understand that not everyone agrees with our decision to pay for the puppies in emergency situations, but we have found it to be our only option to work quickly to save the puppies. 

Donations also help us to provide the necessary veterinary care to spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip the puppies to prepare them for adoption. We are also able to use donations to help our foster homes care for the puppies throughout their socialization and training in their homes.

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