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Recycled Items Wishlist

The following items you may have around your house can be brought to our rescue and recycled into useful items to enrich the lives of our animals!
  • Old/Torn Clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans)

  • Old/Torn Towels

  • Old/Torn Bedding

  • Used Children's Toys (Pigs enjoy toys that light up and/or make noise the best)

  • Used Children's Playhouses

  • Broken Garden Hose

  • Leftover Construction Items (Such as extra wooden posts or pvc pipe)

  • Used Tires (In any condition)

  • Rope (Climbing Rope Works Best)

We can be very creative, so the list above just includes things we have recycled in the past. If you have any item you think we may be able to recycle and use to make our animals' lives more fun, please contact us!

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