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2016 Summary

September of 2016 was the start of our rescue! We did not incorporate until 2017, but as individuals rescued animals in preparation for becoming a rescue. Above are photos of the animals we helped! Below are our statistics for September-December of 2016:

Animals in Rescue in the beginning of the year: 0

Animals brought into Rescue in 2016: 16

Total Animals Helped: 16 (2 Cats, 14 Dogs)

Dogs: 86% (12 individuals) were pit bulls or bully breed mixes. 

We fostered out a total of 11 animals to volunteers. 

Animals in the Rescue at the end of the year: 5


Animals Adopted Out: 10 (10 Dogs)

Animals Returned to Rescue: 0

Permanent Sanctuary Animals: 0

Animals Euthanized (Medical): 1       Animals Euthanized (Behavioral): 0

Animals Rescued from Online Sales: 11

Animals Rescued from Livestock Auctions: 0

Animals from Local Owner Surrenders: 1

Animals from Local Shelter or Veterinary Practice Transfer: 1

Stray Animal Intake: 3

2017 Adoptions:

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Dogs: 14.4 Days

Medical/Behavioral Care:

Animals Spayed/Neutered: 14

Animals Vaccinated: 14

Animals Microchipped: 14

Medical Special Needs Animals Provided Care: 9

Senior Animals Provided Care: 0

Behavioral Special Needs Animals Provided Care: 4

We will see you in 2017 and thank you for your continued support to save lives!

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