Medical: Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated 

Age: 1-2 Years Old

Story:Winnie is a once in a life-time kind of dog!

She was found by a church tied to a fence and it was extremely obvious that she had just had her puppies taken away from her, far before they were ready to be separated. When she was brought to the ACC, she couldn't settle, she would just pace her crate, looking for her babies. The only thing that would help calm her were 'babies' or soft squeaky toys that she would gently carry and press to her, trying to get them to nurse. Unfortunately, this anxiety got her placed on the 'at risk' list and we were luckily able to pull her from there.

The transformation she's made since then has been amazing. She went from a scared and anxious dog to one that is excited and full of life!

We're still learning more and more about her personality as she settles in but what we know so far is that she loves everyone immediately and has gotten along with most of the dogs we've introduced her to. She's cat friendly, as long as she's introduced to the cat correctly and is a very high energy dog who would do best in an active home. Winnie would absolutely love to have another high energy dog to play and run with!

She is great with kids, but because she is still basically a puppy herself, she can still be mouthy, so she would do best in a home with kids over 13. 

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