"My name is Wendy, and I am the perfect cat to sit by your side as you work, craft or relax. I like a slow pace and will let you pet me when you've earned it or if you give me treats! 

My favorite activity is napping on the radiator in the sunshine. My favorite game is chasing a mouse on a string and note, I'm a trained mouse hunter. Once I feel like I'm at home, I love cuddling up in a lap for hours. I'm well behaved, very relaxed, petite and sweet!"


Wendy is a 2 year old cat we are courtesy listing for her foster family in order to help them find her a home!


Wendy was originally a stray that they were able to trap and get spayed. They've been working on gaining her trust and getting her used to being in a house with people. She started off a little timid and will hide from guests but has become super lovey with them! She's not a big fan of being picked up, but will sit in your lap or by your side all day!