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This sweet, beautiful soul is named Waylon. This horse has not been appreciated in his life. He was not seen for the special, gentle, unique, and loveable spirit he is and instead was neglected and truly starved before being dumped at auction. Even with the horrible state he is in now, all he wants to do is experience being loved. 


Waylon has a long road to recovery and has been in quarantine with our veterinarian while we assess his status. He has had digestive issues and now has been diagnosed with pneumonia, but we believe in him and as long as he wants to fight we will fight alongside him to get him healthy! 


We will continue to share more as we watch him recover in the months to come, but we are hopeful for his future. As we see him now, truly still so emaciated and weak, we continue to picture his life a year from now. We can picture him adopted in his forever home, at a healthy weight, surrounded by horse friends and a family that love and dote on him. We can imagine his mane and tail brushed and braided, his belly full of grain, hay, and carrots, and his now old and tired eyes brought back to life with a spark of joy. 


It will be a journey to make that image his reality and we hope you come along for it. If you would like to donate to help us continue to save animals like Waylon, please do so at or through paypal to, we truly cannot save them without your help!

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