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Are you looking for the best little helper you could imagine? Look no further! Sven thinks he is a dog and wants to be involved in literally anything happening around him. Fixing a fence? Sven will be right there to test what you’ve fixed and to also point out where the other weaknesses are! Cleaning a scrape on one of his friends? Sven wants to make sure you’re doing it right and will even help by holding whatever it is you happen to put down! Trimming hooves? Sven will double check all your work and will help test your balance as he does it!

In reality, Sven is one of the coolest and sweetest goats we have had in a long time. Anytime he sees people about to come into their field, he’s always the first one to greet them (and check to see if anyone has brought him some snacks). He loves to climb and play, so he would do best in a home with other goats and plenty of things to play on. He’s gotten along with almost every goat (and sheep) that he’s met so we think he will integrate well with pretty much any herd.

Sven was born in February in 2021 and came to us as an owner surrender when his family could no longer keep him. With his one horn and goofy disposition, he is too cute not to stop and cuddle when you first meet him.

He walks well on lead and loves to go for adventures!

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