Age: Approximately 15-20 Years Old

Size: Donkey (exact height currently unknown)

Breed: Donkey

Color: Paint

Weight: 445 lbs

Riding Ability: Not rideable.

Driving Ability: Not broke to drive.

Requested Adoption Donation: Undetermined

HistorySpicy is our newest arrival, and is a senior jenny. She is so sweet and has wonderful ground manners, which shows that at one point in her life, before she ended up neglected at a local livestock auction, she was loved. We will be getting to know her more over the next month while she is in quarantine and making sure she is healthy enough to go up for adoption, and we are tackling her chronic laminitis to get her to a healthier place as well. If you'd like to be considered for adoption for her, you can complete an application early at www.waywardranch.org but she will not be available for meet until after Nov 19.