Serenity is a three year old Standardbred mare who came to us from off the track. She suffered an injury (a bowed tendon from where she smacked herself with another leg doing something silly on the track) that ended her racing career before it could even begin, but she doesn't let that slow her down! 

She came to us while she was on stall rest, but as she's healed we've been able to let her go to turnout and gradually start working with her. Her leg is fully healed now and she's well into her rehab! We're focusing on getting her used to wearing a saddle and will hopefully be able to start working with her under saddle soon! 

This stunning mare has a ton of potential and we can't wait to help her realize it!

She's an absolute sweetheart with a great head on her shoulders, but she is still young and full of energy. She's definitely going to be more of a 'go' ride than a 'whoa' ride and would do best with an experienced rider who is used to working with young horses and has started horses under saddle before.