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Second Life Equine Program

Providing rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming services to local equines in need.

Wayward Ranch recognizes there is a need in our local community to provide rescue services to equines who are abused, neglected or unwanted. Many of these equines come to us as owner surrenders or from local livestock auctions. As a small rescue, we are only able to house a handful of equines at a time, so we focus on providing each very specialized care.


Many of the horses, donkeys, and mules that come into our program have been discarded by their former owners because they are no longer considered useful. Here at Wayward Ranch we can create an individualized training program to help them discover their new life's purpose, whether that is as a therapy horse, a riding horse, a driving horse, or just a companion horse. There is a home for every horse and each deserves the chance to find that!

Your donations to this program allow us to help purchase at risk animals from auction, provide our equines with veterinary care and personalized training, and provide our equines with daily care in the form of food, enrichment, farrier care, and basic veterinary care.

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