Pocket Pets Care Sheets

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What to Buy

for Your Hamster

What to Buy

for Your Guinea Pig


Guinea Pigs

What to Buy

for Your Ferret

Bonding Ferrets

What to Buy

for Your Rat

What to Buy

for Your Mouse

Caring for

Your Hamster

Caring for

Your Guinea Pig

Socializing a Fearful Guinea Pig

Caring for Your Ferret

Socializing a

Fearful Ferret

Caring for

Your Rat

Caring for

Your Mouse

Socializing a Fearful Hamster

Guinea Pig Diet

Guinea Pig

Litter Box Training

Ferret Diet

Ferret Litter

Box Training

Socializing a Fearful Rat

Socializing a Fearful Mouse

We are grateful to have had several wonderful photographers donate their time and skill to photograph our animals and their lives here. While many photos on our site were taken by WRAS Staff Members, others were taken by:

Tischman Pets Photography, @tischmanpets, gmt-photo.com

Mike Barr, @mikebarrphotography, www.mike-barr.com