Medical: Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, has epilepsy and is on medication for it 

Age: 3 Years Old

Story:  *Courtesy Listing*

Pinny is a 3 year old Whippet/Pit Bull Terrier mix who gets along great with other dogs! We are courtesy listing her for her owner, who is no longer able to take care of her due to a family emergency. 

Her owner writes:

"Pinny is incredibly sweet and loving. She loves to sleep underneath the covers with me in bed and cuddle.

She is great with other dogs once she gets to know them and is very playful. She has a cute, unique snarl that looks mean but it isn't!(I have videos) She hasn't been around cats or children but I can't imagine her not being able to. . . She's amazing and I lover her dearly, but things are about to be so difficult for me I'm afraid I won't be able to give her what she needs."

Pinny does have epilepsy and is on medication for it. She gets Phenobarbital twice a day (in the morning with breakfast and at night with dinner) and that helps keep her symptoms to a minimum. She does occasionally still have seizures, but her medication has recently been increased and that will hopefully help decrease when they happen. 

She also has car anxiety and will whine the whole time unless she's being held. 

She would do best with someone who has a yard or someone who is able to spend a lot of time taking her out for exercise since the exercise will help with her epilepsy. 

Her owner is reaching for someone who "understands that she is special and can work with her." She says she wishes she could keep her, but understands that it's better for her to be with someone who can be with her more.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, you can fill out an application and we'll pass it along to Pinny's owner!