Piglet is an adorable little dog and we are so excited to help her find her forever home. However, she is a fearful dog who takes time to get to know new people, and we are planning to be very picky about where she goes. She has already been returned once from adoption due to her fear related behavior, and we want to be sure the next family will commit to her for life. 


Piglet’s cons:

  • Piglet has fear aggression and territorial aggression. This can cause her to bark and lunge at strangers when on walks or when they come to the home. Her new family will have to either accept this behavior and avoid having her interact with people outside of her immediate family, or they must commit to finding a training and starting a training program to help her work through this behavior. 

  • Piglet will require several meetings with a new family before she trusts them enough to pet her or take her home. 

  • Piglet originally came to us from a backyard breeder where she lived in a crate with very little human interaction. Because of this, she grew up going to the bathroom where she sleeps, and as a result she is difficult to fully housebreak. She needs a regular and predictable schedule and does best when her foster family is home rather than at work, so we’d prefer to find her a family that works from home or that would not leave her for long periods of time throughout the day alone. 


Piglet’s pros:

  • Once you are a part of Piglet’s trusted circle, you are accepted for life! She remembers her people and is bomb proof with them allowing them to handle her completely once she trusts them. 

  • Piglet is incredible dog friendly and could get along with almost any dog!

  • Piglet is very sweet and playful with her people but also knows when it’s just time to cuddle.

  • Piglet has adorable quirks and she brings a smile to her foster family every single day. 


Before submitting an application for Piglet, please read the above information carefully. We will only accept applications for her from adult only families (no one in the home under 18 years old). Applications that have children will not be pursued.