Pepper is a seven year old gelding pony we found for sale at a local livestock auction. We stepped in to ensure he would be safe and have a bright future ahead of him. Before coming to our rescue, it seems that Pepper had little to no training, so we have begun teaching him the basics of ground manners to get him started! So far he is doing great with lunging and ground work. Unfortunately a few months ago he suffered an injury (thanks to being a bit dumb out in the fields), but with plenty of stall rest, he is just now starting to slowly return to work and turnout! 

Pepper has a big personality and for the right person would be a fun project pony. He's a great mover and could potentially make a great little hunter pony! He stands well for grooming, farrier, and vet, and overall is just a sweet and cuddly guy. Start him your way and allow him to grow into your dream pony!

Requested Adoption Donation: $800