We are so excited to announce that Ozzy is finally ready for adoption! He has been in our care since the beginning of February 2021, when he arrived as an owner surrender. His family purchased him as a puppy and raised him with love, but over time he developed fear aggression and it became too difficult for them to manage in a home with young children. 

Since arriving at Wayward Ranch Ozzy has been in a foster home where he has decompressed, and done well in a regular and consistent routine with clear boundaries and structure. He is a high energy, high anxiety pup at his core, and really thrives with regular exercise. Ozzy is only 1 year old and has so much life ahead of him that he hopes to enjoy with his forever family. He loves to play, go for car rides, cuddle, and go on adventures. He is crate trained and housebroken as long as he is kept on a routine and predictable schedule. 

Now that we've talked about all of his strength, let's talk a bit about his behavioral special needs. Before inquiring further about Ozzy or submitting an adoption application for him, please read through the following bullet points carefully to ensure he is a suitable fit for your home.

- Ozzy will need an adult only home. While he loved the children in his previous home, he grew up with those children. When they began to have friends over to the house, he would be fearful of the other children and for this reason we are only looking to place him in a home with adults.

- Ozzy is looking to be an only pet in his home. Ozzy is currently fostered with several other dogs. He loves other dogs, and enjoys playing with them, especially when they are close to his size and enjoy playing chase as much as he does. However, he will be protective of his food, toys, and people when around other dogs. This can be managed in a home with other pets, as it is currently being managed in his adoptive home, however, we feel it may be too much for a family to manage without extensive training experience and that he would be best set up for success as an only pet who can enjoy playdates with other dogs in the family or neighborhood.

- Ozzy takes several meetings to feel comfortable with someone new. He is well trained to wear a basket muzzle, which can help with introductions to strangers, however he will never be a dog who enjoys having large groups of people come to the home. He would be far happier kept in a separate room were you to have company if you cannot take the time to properly acclimate him to the visitor(s).

- Ozzy is still quite leash reactive when seeing other dogs on walks. He walks well on and off leash in his foster home in the country. However, when in a more populated location, he may bark and lunge when seeing other dogs on walks. His adoptive family will either need to plan to walk him in areas where this will not be a concern for them, or to begin a professional training program post adoption to work through this behavior. We will be continuing to work on this behavior in his foster home, but it is definitely a work in progress.

- Ozzy is quite vocal, like many miniature Aussies are, whether it is the first few minutes when he is left home alone or when it is time to feed him and you are a few minutes late!

All of that being said, Ozzy is a wonderful dog, but he is one that has the above behavioral special needs. He is beyond worth the work it would take for a new family to get to know him and bond to him, and we hope you agree too! If you do, and you feel that adopting Ozzy is an undertaking you are up to considering, please click below to submit an application for consideration!