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Orion is a one of a kind, sweet and gentle soul. When we first met Orion it was at a local livestock auction. He had been used as a working ranch horse, but when he began to go blind, he was no longer considered useful. His owner brought him to the auction, knowing his fate was likely to go to slaughter, tied him to a post and walked away, not giving a second thought to how scared Orion must have been. 


As soon as we saw him come through auction and be bid on by a kill buyer, we knew we had to help him. Even the kill buyer took pity on him and when they saw us bidding on him, they stopped bidding so we would be able to rescue him. 


When Orion first came to us, he was a very anxious horse, still learning how to navigate the world without sight. After a year with our rescue we found him an adoptive home but sadly they could no longer keep him after they moved and he has returned to our rescue. This time he is looking for his true forever home!


Orion is a true love, and does beautifully as a companion horse, and would likely be happiest in that way, but he is broke to ride as well. Riding a blind horse is not a task for an inexperienced rider, but for a very experienced rider, he is a comfortable ride in the indoor ring at a walk/trot. 

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