If you are looking for a bundle of energy disguised as a  cat who climbs absolutely everywhere, regardless of if she should be able to get there or not, Onua is the girl for you!


This lovable lunatic is full of energy and isn't scared of anything. She will absolutely leap from the windowsill to the shelf on the wall half a room away and not think twice about it. Her favorite things to do are to chase toys around the room and to challenge the rules of physics.


She does enjoy pets and hanging out with people, but would rather be playing. She came with her two siblings, Numair and Daine, after being surrendered to a vet hospital. When they first got to us, all three siblings had an upper respiratory infection (which is common for kittens to have) and hers also affected one of her eyes and while we think she can see pretty well out of it, her one eye is a little cloudy compared to her other.


Onua would do best with another young cat or kitten who will enjoy her antics. She hasn't had a ton of exposure to dogs, but would probably do just fine with them. If you are interested in adopting Onua, you can fill out an adoption application for her at the link below!