Numair went from being the timid runt of the litter to being the first to greet anyone and the one who loves cuddles the most!


Numair and his sisters, Onua and Daine, were brought to us after being surrendered a vet clinic and when we first got them, Numair was about half the size of his sisters, and the most timid, but as he's grown, so has his confidence! Now he's always the first one to the door to greet anyone coming into our cat room and is always ready for some good cuddles on someones lap. He absolutely loves to play, both with his human friends and his feline ones, so we are looking to place him in a home with other cat friends. He absolutely loves to chase feather toys around and would gladly do that all day. He's still timid around dogs, but could definitely warm up with proper introductions and giving him the time to get settled.


He's up to date on all of his vaccines and will be getting neutered on 9/20, so we're hoping to have a home lined up for him! If you are interested in adopting Numair (or any of his siblings!) you can fill out an adoption application for him at the link below!