Age: Approximately 20 Years Old

Size: Small Horse 

Breed: Mustang

Color: Buckskin

Weight: 1000 lbs

Riding Ability: Very well broke to ride Western.

Driving Ability: Unknown

Requested Adoption Donation: $500

HistoryNevada came to us several months ago from our friends at Equine Rescue Resource Inc.. She came into their care in December, after her previous owner had been sent to prison. She had been left in a field to fend for herself and was very thin when she was found. Equine Rescue Resource Inc. did the hard work of getting her healthy enough to come to us and now we're finishing up her medical treatment and searching for a great forever home for her.

She's about twenty years old and appears to be a mustang mix. She's a very sweet soul, great with kids, has impeccable ground manners, and is definitely a volunteer favorite around here! . 

We currently have her out with a few buddies and she gets along great with them! She appears to be an alpha mare and prefers to be out in a group where she can be higher in the pecking order. She can get a little food aggressive towards her herd mates. 

She is broke to ride western and was used as a trail horse before she came to us. She has been struggling with arthritis in her legs and neck since she arrived but after two sessions with a wonderful chiropractor, she seems to be feeling like a new horse! We're offering her as a companion horse because she is still stiff and sore but she would absolutely love to have a little kid dote on and love her. 

She's great with our volunteers and is the one we use to first introduce people to grooming horses!