Nala is a 5 year old pot belly pig.


She was given away for free online and thankfully found her way to us rather than ending up in the wrong hands.


She’s super friendly and absolutely loves belly rubs. She’s a pretty laid back pig and her favorite activity is sun bathing!


Nala is currently the biggest pig we have here and definitely rules the roost! She's not aggressive towards the other pigs, but she is definitely the one in charge and doesn't take any sass from the others.


She's very social and enjoys spending time with humans. She absolutely loves getting treats and pets.

She was recently diagnosed with disk disease and while it doesn't bother her currently, she starts to have her mobility affected if she gains any more weight. When it is bothering her she has issues moving and controlling her hind legs. Right now she's moving around perfectly well outside but might have issues with stairs.

If you think you are Nala's perfect family, please fill out an application!

Requested Adoption Donation: $150