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Maverick is one of the happiest and most playful pups you will ever meet!

When Maverick first came to us, he had been recently out of surgery after being hit by a car and was extremely underweight. He’s been with us for a few months now and has completed his rehab and has made a complete recovery! His physical therapy helped him regain full strength in the leg that was injured the most when he was hit by the car and he’s back up to a healthy weight!

He’s come such a long way and is now ready to move onto his forever home, happy and healthy!

Mav was born in December of 2021 and is so ready for a family of his own to love! He is the biggest goofball and is always up to play, whether that be fetch, tug, chase, or any other game you could possibly come up with! His favorite things are cuddling with his humans and playing with his 4 legged friends. He absolutely loves other dogs and will play with dogs large and small and does great with everybody! Even if they don’t seem to like him much in the beginning, he waits patiently for them to change their minds and then is absolutely thrilled when they do decide to be his friend.
Maverick is currently in a loving foster home and they report that he is crate trained and housebroken now! He absolutely loves his crate, which is great because he has a habit of seeking out mischief and is a dog who will need to be crated while he’s unsupervised in order to keep him out of trouble (a.k.a. getting into and eating things he shouldn’t). We’re still working on his manners when he’s walking on leash, but he’s super smart and loves to learn new things!

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