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Maverick is a new arrival and is ready to find his forever home! Maverick came to us extremely underweight and recently out of surgery after being hit by a car. He is now on his path to recovery and our vet believes he will make a full recovery!


Maverick is a 1 year old pup who is so ready for love! He enjoys playing with toys, sleeping in big cozy dog beds, and cuddling with his humans. He also absolutely loves other dogs and will try to play with them even if they don’t seem to like him much, he just waits patiently for them to change their minds!


Maverick is currently on a weight gain feeding protocol and is already starting to gain more weight! He also is in physical therapy where he is regaining full strength in the leg that was most affected by his being hit by the car. He is in a loving foster home and they report he is doing wonderfully with housebreaking and crate training as well! He is still working to pull less on leash, but he is smart and motivated to learn new things!


If you think Maverick is the perfect dog for you, apply to adopt him today!

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