Cinderella and Snow White

In April 2019 our Little Lola gave birth to a litter of piglets! All the other piglets were adopted except for Cinderella and Snow White. We don't think they deserve to be left behind, so the search is on for their happy ending!

Cinderella is one of the most confident piglets from the litter. She will seek out humans and seems to know that we come with snacks! She accepts affection, but as with all of the piglets, she still has a lot of socialization and lessons left to learn! She has been exposed to dogs since the day she was born and likes them just fine! She is also used to calm and respectful children, but would likely be afraid of a child that doesn't know how to approach a prey animal with respect. 

Snow White is a bit more timid than her brave sister Cinderella, but she has plenty of personality that shines through once she bonds with you! Snow was the runt of the litter, born half the size of the other piglets. For the first three weeks of her life she was bottle fed around the clock, and we are so glad she made it through and now is thriving! Because she was the runt, her legs were not fully developed when she was born and her joints would pop as she moved, but she has matured and developed properly as she's grown up and moves just as well as her sister Cinderella now! 

These two girls are very bonded and we are looking to place them in a home together as a bonded pair!


Momma Lola was about 70 lbs, and is still growing (as she's an adolescent at 2 years old). She's putting the weight she lost during the weaning process back on so it is hard to predict how large Cinderella and Snow White will be fully grown. We estimate somewhere between 100-150 lbs, but diet can play a large role in this as well as they age. They are both spayed, microchipped and ready to go home!

If you think your home is the perfect castle (see what we did there? 😉) for our little princesses Cinderella and Snow White, you can start the adoption process by filling out a farm animal application below.