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Hob is such an adorable guy who needs a patient and loving home! He recently came to us from the NYC ACC after he and 16 other cats were abandoned in a box in a NYC lobby. He is a young kitten, approximately 6-7 months old at most, and can be quite timid. We expect that prior to rescue he had very limited human interaction, and he is just now learning that humans can be kind or even fun!


After a few days to get used to his new surroundings, he began to allow us to pet him and to play with him and we hope he will come even more out of his shell in a home! He loves his brother Mervyn and sisters Calliope, Dream, and Lucien so we are hoping to adopt him out to a home with at least one other cat or even one of his siblings!


If you are interested in adopting Hob, your first step is to submit an application today!

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