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Harper is a senior (we're guessing somewhere from 12-16 years old), assumed purebred (due to cropped ears and docked tail) miniature schnauzer. She was originally found as a stray in Yonkers, NY and had a ruptured mass on her neck and a heart murmur, so the decision was made for her to be euthanized, but luckily the vet hospital reached out to us and we agreed to take her in and give her a chance to enjoy her golden years with love! The hospital removed her mass and tested it to confirm she would not have further complications from it, and helped us start her on medication to manage her heart murmur. 

A few weeks later and Harper is thriving! She is a senior with some typical health complications due to age (slight sight impairment, hearing impairment, and some urine incontinence in her sleep), but each of these is manageable with patience and tlc and we are confident she has a bright future ahead of her!

Harper loves people and does well with the other dogs in her foster home as long as they leave her alone while she is eating (she takes meal time VERY seriously!). She walks well on leash and loves to go for walks, at times running alongside you just to prove she is still young at heart! She loves to play dress up in cute sweaters and we are confident that at some point in her life she was adored, because she is very accustomed to being loved. 

Will you give her a love full of love for her golden years? Apply to adopt or foster her today!

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