Zeus, Poseidon & Hades

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades have been through a lot in their short little lives. Before coming to us all three had their tails broken and were abandoned in a bag on the side of the road. They all had fleas, ticks, and maggots on them and needed love and tlc. 

Hades is the most outgoing of the group and can often be found screaming for more food or hanging from the top of the crate door demanding to come out! He is sassy and full of personality and would be a wonderful, comical addition to any home.

Zeus is becoming more playful every day that he is getting the proper care and nutrients he needs to thrive. He loves to be held and cuddled between feeding times!

Poseidon, also called Posey, is the most reserved of the group, but has the most to recover from. When he came to us his rectum had prolapsed, but luckily we were able to correct this without surgery. As he gains strength and feels better his personality is starting to come out little by little!

Babies were born June 28th, 2020.

Requested Adoption Donation: $150

We are grateful to have had several wonderful photographers donate their time and skill to photograph our animals and their lives here. While many photos on our site were taken by WRAS Staff Members, others were taken by:

Tischman Pets Photography, @tischmanpets, gmt-photo.com

Mike Barr, @mikebarrphotography, www.mike-barr.com