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Poseidon has been through a lot in his short little life.

He and his two brother, Zeus and Hades, were found in a plastic bag by the side of the road, obviously dumped there. All three of them came to us covered in fleas, ticks and even maggots! But even worse, all three of them had obviously had their tails broken. They obviously needed help and lots of TLC as they recovered. 

Zeus and Hades had a full recovery with no issues and were able to find a loving forever home together, but unfortunately, Posie faced some setbacks and became a permanent resident instead!

When he first came to us, in addition to the fleas and ticks and broken tail, Posie also had a prolapsed rectum but we were luckily able to fix it without surgery.

We then realized he was unable to urinate and he needed surgery to create an opening for him to be able to urinate normally. He then became a permanent resident here because he will always need to have careful attention paid to him that his urinary issues don't recur as they could require further surgery any time.


For now, Posey is just enjoying his life on the farm, welcoming all new cats that come to us searching for forever homes. Of course he has to approve every adopter himself before he allows them to take one of his friends home!

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