Gretl is an extremely social and affectionate senior girl looking for the perfect home to spend her golden years with!


Gretl originally came to us from a local dairy farm that wanted to retire her after over a decade as a dairy goat. She came to us with her friends Liesl and Alice and the three were adopted some time later. Sadly they were returned recently to our rescue due to their owner having medical concerns that stopped her from being able to care for the girls long term. They were very loved in their adoptive home and we have high hopes they will be as loved in their next home together!


Gretl is the best goat. Seriously, we've met many goats. She is the best one. Ever. She loves to be loved and get cuddled. Hugs are her favorite! She gets along with the other goats in the herd but is definitely the most dominant female in the herd so she keeps the younger goats in line! She will need a bit of extra care as she continues to age with special attention paid to her diet and joint management. If you feel like she would be the perfect addition to your home (with her bffs of course) apply today at the link below.