Age: Approximately 15 Years Old

Size: Small Horse

Breed: Unknown

Color: Bay

Weight: Unknown

Riding Ability: Very well broke to ride.

Driving Ability: Unknown

Requested Adoption Donation: Undetermined


Fudgie is our mystery horse! 


We found Fudgie at a local livestock auction and don't know too much about her history. We think she's a thoroughbred, but she might also be a quarter horse or a standardbred. We know based on her teeth that she's somewhere in her early to mid teens, but can't get any more specific than that. 


What we do know though, is that she's an absolute sweetheart and is amazing with kids. 


Riding-wise, she is quite forward, so an intermediate to experienced rider would be best for her. She is extremely trusting and so responsive to direction from her rider. 


Fudgie recently recovered from a bout of Lyme's disease but she's feeling much better and is ready to go onto her forever home!


 She gets along great with everyone we've had her turned out with, mares and geldings and even donkeys!


If you are interested in adopting Fudgie, you can fill out an application for her at waywardranch.org!