Friends Not Food Program

Learn more about our Friends Not Food Program, and if you want to donate specifically towards helping us support this program, make sure you mention that in the comment section of Paypal's donation page.

What is the problem?

What is the difference between a dog or cat and a pig or goat? At Wayward Ranch, we recognize the importance of life, even in farm animals. There are many neglectful or abusive situations that farm animals find themselves in, but few people know or care about their struggle. Because these animals are used for meat, their quality of life is considered less important than that of other domesticated animals generally viewed as pets. 

Potbelly Pigs are truly struggling in our country right now. Many people have inaccurate information about them, such as they are "mini pigs" who stay under 50 lbs, and purchase them on an impulse. When that pig grows to be 100, 200 or even 300 lbs and the family realizes the mistake they've made, there are very few rescues that will accept pigs. The family is left with a decision to keep the pig (most do not choose this option), sell the pig to a stranger who may or may not kill them for meat, or turn them loose to an almost certain death as a stray. Many owners do not realize that spaying and neutering is just as important when it comes to pigs as it is with dogs or cats. This causes a huge overpopulation problem, and is the reason why most pig rescues in our country are filled to the brim with adoptable pigs. They receive request to surrender pigs daily, but it is much more rare for them to have people interested in adopting and providing responsible homes for their current pigs. 

Pigs are not the only species at risk, however. Goats, sheep, cows, and other domesticated farm animals are sold at livestock auctions for meat. Many of these animals would be capable of making loving pets on family farms, and could live long and full lives if they were not slaughtered for meat. 

What is our solution?

Wayward Ranch works hard to find the animals who need us the most and come to their rescue. We often find potbelly pigs being given away for free on Facebook or Craigslist. These pigs often end up being given away to families who appear kind who later slaughter the pigs for meat. We step in to give these pigs a safe place to go where they will be loved and cared for until we are able to find them permanent homes as pets, not food. We also accept pigs as owner surrenders from families who can no longer keep their pigs. Finally, we attend livestock auctions and rescue the potbelly pigs that are brought there to be sold for meat. 

We also work to save other farm animals, such as goats and sheep. These animals are capable of providing as much love and devotion to their humans as any other domesticated pet. We rescue them from reckless online sales, livestock auctions, or owners that can no longer care for them.

What animals are helped by this program?

The following types of animals are most helped by our Friends Not Food Program. 

  • Potbelly Pigs taken in as owner surrenders, saved from reckless sale online, or taken in as strays. 

  • Goats, Sheep, and Pigs rescued from livestock auctions.


How do donations help us to continue this program?

Your donations to this program will go towards providing veterinary care in the form of spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and microchips to any farm animals we take in to prepare them for adoption. 

Donations also help us to provide daily care in the form of food, enrichment, and basic veterinary care to the animals that we rescue.

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