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Friends Not Food Program

Providing rescue and safe rehoming to farmed animal species.

At Wayward Ranch we believe that farmed animals such as sheep, goats, and pigs are just as deserving a safe and loving lives as other domesticate animals such as dogs and cats. Many of these animals come to us abused, neglected or unwanted as owner surrenders, strays, or from local livestock auctions. Once the animals have come to our rescue we then medically and behaviorally evaluate them and begin creating a personalized care program to meet their needs.


Farmed animals are capable of providing as much love and devotion to their humans as any other domesticated pet. When we rescue these animals we often find that before coming in to our care their lives have been treated as less valuable and often the animals have been treated as a means of production for human consumption, rather than as individuals deserving of care. 


We love our animals from the moment they come into our care, and we take finding them forever homes very seriously. We must be especially careful when finding forever homes for farmed animals that they never again will be at risk of slaughter or otherwise being used as a means of production. We make sure to thoroughly check our adopters and their homes to make sure they will provide safe, lifelong care for the animals they are adopting. We also microchip all of our animals so that if they were to ever need us again later in their lives it will be easy for them to make their way back to our rescue. 


Your donations to this program will allow us to provide veterinary care in the form of spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and microchips to any farmed animals we take in to prepare them for adoption. Donations also help us to provide daily care in the form of food, enrichment, and basic veterinary care to the animals that we rescue.

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